4 things to do before starting your home search

Before you start your new home search be sure to do these 4 things to maximize your time and avoid frustration, and possible disappointment.

  1. Hone your search by doing a lot of research and I mean A LOT of research. Take a look at where you want to live, why do you want to live there? Do you know how long it will take you to get to work? Is public transportation an option? Check out the local schools, even if you don’t have kids, homes in good school districts tend to be easier to sell and eventually you will sell.  Take a look at neighborhood crime reports, don’t forget to check out surrounding neighborhoods.  Talk to the neighbors if possible. Visit a local establishment at night. I could go on, but I think you’re getting the point.
  2. Understand your finances, really understand them. Like what does it mean to my monthly mortgage payment, my down payment to up my search 10K.
  3. Commit to your search. It’s best to go out a few times a week and look at 4-5 houses at a time. Saving it all for Saturday and looking at 10 houses is not fun for anyone. Trust me when I tell you that they will all start to run together, by the time you get to the 10th house, you’ll be hangry (hungry and angry at the same time) and unable to think about anything else or make a decision.
  4. Be honest with yourself about what you want.  Just because everyone is telling you that you can survive with only 1 bathroom or a 1 car garage, they won’t be living there, you will.