5 Projects that Will Add Value to Your Home

Here are five fairly simple projects you can do to add value to your home. Most of these projects can be done in a weekend.

Paint: Nothing cleans up a home faster than a fresh coat of paint. Even homes that have been meticulously maintained need a fresh coat of paint prior to selling. Opt for a light, neutral paint color to appeal to the most amount of buyers.

Update Lighting: Light fixtures are like jewelry for your home. They can be the statement piece that wows potential buyers or they can quickly date your home.

Replace the Carpet: If you have carpet now is the time to consider replacing it. Old dirty carpet is a turn off for most buyers. If you have multiple different types of carpet from one room to the next consider replacing all of it even it if doesn’t necessarily need it in that back bedroom. Carpet used consistently throughout the house will make your home feel larger and more cohesive.

Update Kitchens and Bathrooms: There are a lot of minor changes you can make in your kitchen and your bathrooms without doing an entire remodel that will instantly add value. Consider stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, adding a backsplash and painting your cabinets.

Freshen up the Exterior: Remove anything that is half dead or all the way dead. Nothing says I have been neglected like a dying bush next to the house. Stain and fix the fence, trim your trees, weed and mulch the gardens and consider painting your front door.