5 steps to selling your home

Selling your home? Here are 5 steps you should do to get you and your home ready for sale.

Talk to your Realtor: We highly recommend contacting the Matt Engen Group but getting your Realtor involved at the very beginning of your journey is key. Your Realtor will want to know your goals and timeline and will then connect you with the right people to make things happen.

Treat your home like a business: This house is no longer your home, it’s an asset, one you’re trying to get top dollar for so disconnect emotionally from the living room paint color and the pictures on the wall. Now is not the time to take other peoples likes and dislikes personally.

Learn your homes market value: After visiting your home, your Realtor will put together a CMA, a Comparative Market Analysis. This includes information about the local market, recent comparable sales and an opinion of your homes value, this is what the agent believes your home will sell for in todays market.

Get a home staging consultation: The goal of staging is to make your property more marketable by creating a home that is the most appealing to the largest number of perspective buyers. It makes your house look the best for showings, pictures and videos. And homes that are staged typically sell quicker and for more money as a result.

Make the requested changes and repairs: The stager will more than likely make a variety of suggestions from de-cluttering closets and cabinets, fixing the broken closet door, to painting the living room and everything in between, complete the entire list and move on, you may have purchased the property that way but it doesn’t mean that is shouldn’t be fixed now. Remember the goal, we want to appeal to the largest number of perspective buyers possible.

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