5 things to do, after they accept the offer.

Congratulations, they accepted your offer. Now what?

  1. Get the home inspected. The time you have to do this is typically outlined in the purchase agreement and the clock starts ticking as soon as it is fully executed, meaning all parties have agreed and signed.
  2. Connect with your lender. Your Realtor should be in contact with your lender as well but you will want to make sure they have everything they need from you. They will also need to order the appraisal, they need this to verify the home you are purchasing is worth the loan amount.
  3. Select a title company, your Realtor can do this for you but if you know someone in the business you can absolutely use them. The title company is where you will go to sign all the documents and get the keys on closing day!
  4. You will be required to get a Home Owners insurance policy. Once you have that in place let your lender, Realtor and title company know.
  5. And finally turn on your utilities or have them transferred to your name.