an organized home

Buying, selling or staying everyone loves an organized home. Here are 5 simple things you can do this weekend to be more organized at home.

  1. Clear the everyday clutter off of your surfaces for good. We all have stuff that ends up on our counters and tables that really isn’t needed. Try to remove those things and leave out only what truly adds beauty or function. (Think small appliances in your kitchen, books or Kleenex’ on your bedside tables.)
  2. Put away the winter gear and make room for summer. Removing seasonal items we don’t need from mudrooms and closets will instantly make those rooms feel more open and give you space to breathe.
  3. Take a peak at your closet. Pick up everything on the floor, refold your sweaters and make sure all your hangers are facing the same direction. While you’re adjusting your hangers, make sure the items you have hanging are clean and hung properly.
  4. Purge your fridge. Check expiration dates and throw that stuff away.
  5. Make your bed. Seriously it’s the easiest thing you can do to make your space feel clean and organized!