Clean Windows

If you’re selling your home REALTORS® and professional stagers will tell you to clean your windows. Clean windows let more light in, they feel more inviting, and they’ll  make that fresh coat of paint we just asked you to do look even better. So why have we personally avoided this task for 4 years? Well in our defense we live in an older home and all our window are french pane windows, gorgeous yes, but difficult to clean, too many opportunities for streaks, overwhelming and well just like most home owners we tend to put of these types of tasks. So after years of saying, we should do this, why haven’t we done this, and then in desperation giving it a shot on our own, we pulled the trigger and called the guy. They’re here today and I swear I will never put this task off again, I’m calling every Spring. Clean windows really do let more let in, it looks brighter and cleaner in here and that makes us happy, isn’t that what it’s all about.

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