Fall home maintenance

It’s that time of the year once again, fall has arrived and with it we have your fall home maintenance to do list.

While we know home maintenance can be anything but fun but doing these tasks will save you time and money over the long run. A little regular maintenance will protect your investment.

  1. Clear gutters of leaves, sticks and other debris. We have leaf guards on most of our gutters, which I highly recommend, definitely worth the investment (and no this is not an ad) but if you don’t it’s time to get out the ladder and clean your gutters you’ll be surprised how much debris you’ll find.
  2. Drain garden hoses and put them away. Faucets and pipes can freeze and burst in our frigid temps which is a big mess that you will want to avoid.
  3. Get your chimney inspected and cleaned. Fire burning season is almost upon us and we could not be more excited. We love to cozy up around a warm and inviting fire but we also know that chimneys need to be inspected and cleaned for your safety. This is also area that continues to come up on inspections. Take care of your chimney now so you don’t have to pay later.
  4. Have your furnace inspected. You don’t want to wake up when it’s 40 below and find out you don’t have any heat. Get it tuned up now. Most places offer specials this time of the year.
  5. Check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. I know most people save this for when the clocks fall back or spring ahead but I think it’s essential and should be done more than twice a year to protect you and your loved ones.