Getting ready to move

I think moving is fun. Most people don’t. I see moving as an opportunity to start new, reduce the clutter and start fresh in the new house. If this is your goal too, follow these steps.

1. Start early. I encourage people to start this process before their house even goes on the market. You can’t pack up the living room but you can remove the items you no longer love.

2. Tackle one room at a time. Don’t forget closets and storage. These are very important. In fact, I like to start here.

3. Ask yourself, do I love it? Yes it’s that simple, no need for multiple questions if you don’t love it, even if grandma gave it to you when you were newly married, don’t take it with you, throw it out or give it away.

4. Measure your new home and make a plan. Will your couch fit through the door? Knowing this ahead of time will save you time and money on moving day.

5. Label everything.

Yes it is that easy. The hard part is getting started.