>> Spoiler alert, this post has nothing to do with real estate. <<

November is national gratitude month. Yet another reason to love November. I know, most people don’t love November, we tend to rush right through it, frantically counting down the days to Christmas and the New Year, but I rather enjoy it. We got married in November, so did my mom and dad and Thanksgiving is in November. To be clear, I’m not a fan of Thanksgiving because of the food, I’m not a fan of turkey or cranberries, I find delight in the mashed potatos and corn but that’s about it. What I love about Thanksgiving is our tradtion, we gather at my sisters, with no expectations, we eat an amazing meal and drink a lot of wine. It’s an easy holiday, no candy, no presents, just family and friends gathering together to simply be together. And I need, or more accurately put, want more of that. So I’m going to practice being happy with the simple things in life. I am going to find joy in everyone I meet and in everything thing I do, thankfully I love what I do, so that helps. I am going to focus on the positive and spread joy. I encourage you to do it with me, why not. I’m told the world will be a better place if we do. Let’s make that happen.

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