Preparing your home for sale

People say to us all the time; We’re thinking of moving soon, what should we do to get our house ready?  The answer is simple but it’s not easy.

Clean your home. Not just surface clean your home, deep clean your home. Wash the windows, clean under the bed, couch, the big items you never move, the oven, the refrigerator, the storage room, I think you’re starting to get the point.

De-clutter. Go through your home, every room and every closet, don’t forget storage rooms and the laundry room. If you’re not planning to take it with you to the new house, it’s time to throw it away or donate it. Put the items in a box immediately, and take that box right to the car. Trust me doing it all at once will make it easier. Don’t delay, just do it!

Paint. Nothing freshens up a new home better than paint. Find a nice neutral color. Soft grays and greige (a combination between beige and gray) are very popular right now. If you need help with this, just ask!

Finish all unfinished projects. Yes, they need to be done. You can’t sell your home without completing them. End of story.

Get rid of all that ‘stuff”; old paint cans, cleaning supplies, things that were left by the previous owner and get rid of them. If you happen to live in Minneapolis it’s easy, they have hazardous waste drop off sites. You just need your drivers license and some time. Trust me when I say it’s easy, you don’t even have to get out of your car!

If you commit to doing this your home will be ready to go when you are.