We all take vacations for a variety of reasons. Some of us need a break from work or kids or life in general and some of us truly just like to explore and experience new things. I take vacations to admire the different architectural home styles around the world.  I’ve always loved to see how people live and experience the culture but more importantly I like to see what they live in, I like to see their homes. For me there’s nothing better than wandering the streets, with no destination or purpose, I just take picture after picture of the beautiful homes I see and I take it all in. I post a few to our Instagram page @mattengengroup but mostly I take them because they speak to me. Each and every home has a story to share, the more homes I see, the more I learn to appreciate my surroundings and enjoy the simply beauty of home, including my own.

The canal houses of Amsterdam.


The Moorish-style architecture of the houses in Positano Italy.


Our classic colonial in Minneapolis, MN.


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