How many houses should I look at before buying?

This is a very common question and unfortunately it’s not one I’m able to answer.  So why did I bring this up? I’m so happy you asked. I bring it up because I think it’s important to talk about. A lot of buyers, especially first time home buyers put a lot of pressure on themselves to find the perfect home in the right amount of time. Such a tricky formula when you think about it. What is the right amount of time? The right amount for you may be the first night out (this does happen) the right amount of time for your friend may be their 10th time out or maybe it’s a year from now. (this happens too.) There is no right or wrong answer or an exact number of homes you need to see before you’re ready to buy. But trust me when I tell you that you’ll know it when you find it and that first house you see really may be the one.