How To Be More Sustainable At Home

Despite what you may think, being more sustainable at home is super easy. Most of the things we’re currently doing to live a more sustainable lifestyle at home we started by accident.

For example, I started washing our clothes in cold water when we first got married after I shrunk a countless number of sweaters and turned even more white t-shirts pink.

Another change I made after ruining several pairs of yoga pants, my favorite tank top and the living room carpet was to switch to all natural cleaning products. No more bleach at our house. Our favorite natural cleaner is a simple solution of vinegar and water.

Growing up I always had a thing for cloth napkins. They just felt so fancy and we used them for all our dinner parties. Well we just took it up a notch and started using them for all our meals at home. With two teenage boys I’m doing laundry all the time anyway.

When the time came for us to replace our dishes a few years ago instead of heading to the store I went to Good Will. Where I purchased the most beautiful floral china plates. I use these everyday, not just for special occasions. I do this with drink glasses and coffee cups too.

Replace plastic /paper straws with metal straws. This one was a happy accident. Nothing had to be destroyed for us to make this change. We just happened to get the cutest rose gold colored metal straws for a gift. We haven’t look back since.

Because we are often on the go and admittedly not good planners we go to the grocery store every day. This way we only buy only the ingredients that we need and nothing gets wasted. Did you know that as Americans it’s estimated we throw away 30-40% of the food we purchase. I find that number astounding. (Also please note because of the current stay at home order we are not doing this.)

Incorporate as many plants as you can into your home decor. We love plants at our house and have 7 different plants from this list to help purify the air in our home.

And finally we compost and recycle because the city provided the bins and well why the heck not? I’m constantly amazed by how much we’re reduced our garbage by doing this. Now if only we could get the City of Minneapolis to pick up our recyclables every week instead of every other week. Our recycling bin is always overflowing.

We obviously still have a long way to go to living a more sustainable lifestyle. But I hope you enjoyed seeing just how easy it is to be sustainable at home. Just imagine how happy the earth would be if everyone made a few changes to live more sustainably.

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