Looking at houses during the Coronavirus Pandemic

There have always been a set of unwritten rules when showing houses. What to do, take off your shoes. What not to do, use the bathroom or jump on the furniture. But looking at houses during the coronavirus pandemic has brought on a whole new additional set of guidelines. To keep yourself and the seller safe please consider the following when looking at houses during a pandemic.

  • Adhere to social distancing recommendations at all times.
  • Avoid shaking hands with anyone.
  • Comply with any requirements of the seller during the showing. In our experience sellers have asked buyers entering a property one or all of the following: to immediately wash their hands or to use hand sanitizer, remove footwear or wear booties, and wear a face mask or covering, and gloves.
  • Instruct buyers and others touring the home to avoid touching any surfaces in the home, such as light switches, cabinet and door handles.
  • Use hand sanitizer after leaving the home and before getting into your car.