Love it or hate it?

Social media, I love you and I hate you, it all depends on my day and how many followers I’ve gained or lost over the last 24 hours. 🙂  But seriously most days I really enjoy you, the days I hate you have nothing to do with my followers, instead it has more to do with how much time I’ve just wasted and how that makes me feel, binging on Netflix often leaves me feeling the same way, very unproductive but weirdly relaxed and inspired.

Social media often gives me time to pause and take a look at what my competitors and people I admire are doing, it often inspires me creatively and hopefully I learn from those experiences or at least that’s the goal or what I tell myself late at night. I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media, what do you love about it and since I’m always looking for new inspiration, who do you follow?

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