Minneapolis Truth in Housing Inspection

Prior to listing your Minneapolis home for sale you will need to complete a Truth in Housing inspection. The goal of these inspections is to provide potential buyers information on the condition of the property while also helping the city of Minneapolis keep up the quality of housing available. A few things you should know about these inspections; The inspections are required to completed 3 days prior to your home going on the market. They cost anywhere between $170 and $200 and need to be completed by a licensed evaluator. The inspections take about an hour and they’re valid for 2 years or one sale, the report has to be in the current sellers name.

Prior to scheduling your inspection it’s wise to take a look at the common repair and replace items, found on the City of Minneapolis’ website http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/ccs/TISH/ccs_rrlinked and fix anything on this list prior to the inspection, if you don’t you risk needing a re-inspection and paying another fee.

The report will be provided to the seller, a copy of the report should be made and kept in the house for potential buyers to see and review. All repairs if any are required to be completed prior to closing or negotiated for the buyer to accept responsibility. If the buyer accepts responsibility they need to make the repairs within 90 days of closing.

For more information or to find an evaluator you can visit their website at http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/ccs/TISH/index.htm


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