Nobody Wants a Fixer Upper

Unless they’re in the business of flipping or renovating houses very few buyers want a fixer upper. The days of buyers being interested in building what people in the industry liked to call sweat equity are gone.

Todays buyers lack the time, the know how and the cash to buy a fixer upper. They would rather move right in and enjoy the many benefits of owning a home like planting a garden or playing with Fido in the back yard than renovate a kitchen or even paint.

To clarify there are multiple levels of what it means to be a fixer upper. We have everything from gut the kitchens and bathrooms to rip out carpet and paint. Either way the key point here is that the majority of buyers today don’t want to do a thing.

So when it comes time to sell your fixer upper you will have two options, price it right to encourage the flippers and the renovators to show up or make your property more attractive to todays buyers.

Wondering how you make your property more attractive to todays buyers? Start here.

Paint. Nothing updates and cleans up a home better and faster than a fresh coat of paint. Just be sure you’re not making the problem worse by painting the whole house your favorite color. Instead ask your Realtor or a Stager what color they would recommend to sell your home. Think light and updated neutrals, light grays and warm beiges depending on your home work well.

Clean. Seriously a deep clean goes a really long way in making the home feel fresh and cared for. Don’t forget to clean the windows, this has a huge impact on the overall cleanliness of the home and the bathtub or shower grout. And if you don’t like to do this hire someone.

Fix all the broken things. The broken doors. The broken hinges. The broken closet door. The leaky drain. Patch the holes. Fix the window that won’t open. Remove that dead bush. Have your mechanicals tuned up.

Clear out the distractions. Personal pictures, gone. Broken dresser, gone. Dead plant, gone. Frayed rug, gone. Old clothes, gone. Stuffed animals, gone. Pile of old magazines/newspapers, gone. You get the point.

A fresh, clean home with no repairs and no distractions will allow the buyer to focus on what does work.