Preparing your Home to Sell

Does your house feel too small, too large? Are you dreaming about moving to a warmer climates? Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about moving it’s a good time to start thinking about your home differently. Every homeowner tends to overlook things in their own home. When you start thinking about selling your home try to start thinking about your home as a potential buyer would and get ready to prepare your home for sale.

Clean. Cleaning your house for sale goes above and beyond, dusting and vacuuming the rugs. You must clean every square inch of your house and make it appear new, it must sparkle, it must smell and feel clean because buyers can feel clean and clean makes people good. It makes them feel like you have taken good care of the house. If you don’t have time to clean as deeply as recommended hire a professional. It’s worth it.

Declutter. This is important. You want and need the buyers to be able to visualize living in your home, you want and need your home to feel spacious to the potential new buyer, if your stuff doesn’t fit, how will theirs? Our ‘stuff’ tends to get in the way and buyers can’t look past it. As home owners we can look past the ‘stuff’ because we’ve become used to it and simply don’t see it anymore, but trust me buyers do.  Almost every client we’ve worked with have actually thanked us for having them declutter,believe it or not, it makes moving easier.

Make the necessary repairs. Like cleaning your home, fixing that leaking faucet, or scraping and painting the peeling paint on your front door shows the buyer that you’ve taken good care of your home and this makes them feel good. You will often hear buyers express enthusiasm and excitement that they won’t have to do anything, they can move right in! We can help you decide which repairs are necessary.

Stage. We only have so many seconds to make a first impression. Staging your home will help you show off your homes potential to buyers. Always remember that the way you live in your home and the way you stage your home are two different things.

Only after you’ve cleaned, decluttered, fixed the necessary repairs and staged will your home will be in the right condition to sell.