set the stage

Let’s talk staging. There are actually two parts to staging your home. The first is when we declutter, make repairs and paint. The second is what we do after to set the stage. It’s the extra special touches that turn your home into a space buyers will love.

Here’s how we set the stage in every room of your home.

Entryway. It’s important to have a stunning entry, it’s the first thing people see. Make sure its well lit and includes a place for them to set down what’s in their hands so they can take off their shoes. Bonus points if you can include a bench or a chair and a beautiful and soft new rug.

Living room: This space should encourage buyers to relax but still offer a big amount of style. You can achieve that with a beautiful rug, lamps, a few coffee table books, a candle, some fresh flowers or a houseplant and a few new pillows in different textures and sizes. This room should feel comfortable not sparse.

Dining room: A stunning new light fixture and a beautiful center piece is all you need in a dining room. There is no need to set the table.

Kitchen: Countertop space reigns supreme in this room so let them shine. Clear the counters off completely and only put back a few decorative items. If your kitchen needs more of a wow factor, consider new hardware, like the light in the dining room it makes a big impact.

Bathroom: Never underestimate the power of brand new fluffy towels and rugs. Add some beautiful new soaps in pretty bottles, a few houseplants or some fresh flowers and you’re done in this room.

Home Office: Not everyone can have a dedicated room for a home office. But it’s more and more important in todays changing workplace to give home buyers a place they can envision doing work. Ask yourself where and how you can fit a desk into a space. Consider a console table with a beautiful lamp, mirror and chair in the living room, at the end of a hallway or that awkward space you never quite knew how to make work.

Bedroom: Bedrooms should feel calm and relaxing and make people want to fall into bed. So it’s your job to make it look inviting. You can achieve this with a fluffy comforter and new pillows. Make sure you have plenty of pillows in the right size to really fill the bed and make it feel luxurious. Add two beautiful lamps to the bedside tables and you’re done.