tips for showing your home

Sharing our best showing tips for every home. You only get one opportunity to wow home buyers so you will want to put your best foot forward starting at the curb.

  1. It’s winter in Minnesota and we know it’s not fun but make sure your sidewalks are shoveled, including the carriage walk at all times. (The carriage walk is the piece of sidewalk that connects the street to the public sidewalk.)
  2. If you have a dog do the best you can do and stay on top of picking up the poop and hiding the yellow snow.
  3. Don’t skip the winter pots! Winter greens add to overall curb appeal.
  4. Clean your front door and do it often. Dirty snow and muck can build up quickly especially on our storm doors. (Do not forget the back door and the garage door.)
  5. Purchase a nice big and soft rug for your front entry. A bench and a place to set their things while they struggle to take off their shoes would be great.
  6. Be aware of scents. I’ve talked about this before but that Glade plug-in is not masking anything. The only thing it’s doing is giving everyone a headache.
  7. Make sure your house is warm. The colder it is outside the warmer it needs to be inside. No one wants to freeze their butt off while looking at your home.
  8. Turn on all the lights, including lamps and open up all the window treatments. It’s dark enough this time of the year. A bright cozy spot is what we all crave.
  9. Empty the trash, or better yet stash the garbage cans away no one really wants to see dirty Kleenex.
  10. Wipe down all the surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom. Sticky surfaces in these two rooms are seriously off putting.
  11. Resist the urge to shower right before the showing.
  12. And finally please flush the toilet and put the toilet seat down.