Staging with Houseplants

Staging your home with houseplants is an easy and budget friendly way to stage our home. If you haven’t noticed plants are having a major moment right now. Buyers love them and most are bringing quite a few with them when they move. Like the bar cart, plants speak to a lifestyle and help you connect with todays buyers.

You can place plants just about everywhere in your home. Even if you don’t have a lot of light. Trust me there’s a plant for every room and every amount of light in your home.

Place them on the dining room table, on the bathroom counter, on your nightstand, on the kitchen island and in the living room. Don’t forget the porch and the homes entryway if possible. Plants are great in an empty awkward corner, just be sure it’s the right size to adequately fill the space.

Knowing where your plants will go before you head to the store will help immensely but if you skipped that step or aren’t really sure where to put them the key is to get a variety of different types and sizes.

My favorite plants

When staging with houseplants the only rule is to use a variety of different plants. My favorite plants for staging are the Snake plant, Pothos plant, Jade plant, Silver Bay and the Umbrella plant. Not all of these top the most trendy plant list but they are all super low maintenance and easy fo beginners. And all of these plants can tolerate low light they just won’t grow as quickly.

Staging with Houseplants | Matt Engen Group | Picture of my 5 favorite houseplants to use when staging your home.
Lower left is the Jade plant, above the Jade is the Umbrella plant, next to that is the Snake plant on the bench is the Pothos and lower right corner is the Silver Bay.

The right pot

After you’ve selected your plants the next step will be to select a container. Be thoughtful here, the right container should match your existing home decor, they can also add height, some texture or a pop of color.

Below are three different examples of different types of pots you can use when staging with houseplants.

Staging with Houseplants | Matt Engen Group | Picture of neon pothos in a grray pot.
Staging with Houseplants | Matt Engen Group | Picture of plant in a clay pot.
Staging with Houseplants | Matt Engen Group | Picture of plant in a white pot.

I like to buy my pots and my plants at a variety of different places. You can click here to see a few of my favorites. I guess you could say I like to spread the love around and if I can I shop small and I shop local.