Staging with Feng Shui

Everything we tend to associate with modern day staging can also be associated with the centuries old design philosophies of Feng Shui.  Staging and Feng Shui are focused on how certain area’s of your home affect how you and those entering your home feel. When prepping your home to sell following the Feng Shui strategies outlined below will promote positive energy and hopefully lead to a quicker sale. It’s fun and the strategies we picked are easy to do.

1. Declutter. Our previous blog post already talked about the importance of this step. Decluttering allows the buyer to visualize living in your home. Do not skip this step, pay special attention to your bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. Decluttering not only clears your home it clears your mind, preparing it for the move.
2. Open the windows and let the light shine in! A fresh home that is light and bright promotes positive energy.
3. Pay attention to the front door. The front door is where good luck and good fortune enter. Make sure your front door works, the key fits properly, it opens without a push, no creaks. Next make sure the front door if clean and free of scratches and dents.
4. Pay attention to the flow of your home. Buyers and energy need to be free to move about your home. This is especially important when arranging furniture. Do not block a path to the next room, or the window with a gorgeous view. Rooms should be inviting and welcoming.
5. Use mirrors but use them carefully. Mirrors open up space and create more light. Mirrors should never face each other and their placement should be thoughtfully considered in the bedroom. A mirror over the bed works, a mirror facing the bed does not.
6. Decorate with house plants. Plants promote harmony and good air quality. Dying plants do not, if you kill a plant quickly dispose of it and try again.
8. Keep the toilet lid closed. And not just because it’s not nice to look at! An open toilet in Feng Shui is like throwing money down the drain, the energy is escaping your home.