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Shop Local, Shop SW Mpls

Shop Small

There are so many reasons we love living and working in Southwest Minneapolis. The amazing number of small businesses, local shops and restaurants are one of them. These establishments increase the demand for our homes and our overall quality of living. November 29, is Small Business Saturday, show your support to the Southwest community and shop local, shop small.
The following nine neighborhoods make up Southwest Minneapolis; Armatage, East Harriet, Fulton, Kenny, Kingfield, Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, Tangletown and Windom.

Preparing your Home to Sell

Does your house feel too small, too large? Are you dreaming about moving to a warmer climates? Whatever the reason, if you’re thinking about moving it’s a good time to start thinking about your home differently. Every homeowner tends to overlook things in their own home. When you start thinking about selling your home try to start thinking about your home as a potential buyer would and get ready to prepare your home for sale.

Clean. Cleaning your house for sale goes above and beyond, dusting and vacuuming the rugs. You must clean every square inch of your house and make it appear new, it must sparkle, it must smell and feel clean because buyers can feel clean and clean makes people good. It makes them feel like you have taken good care of the house. If you don’t have time to clean as deeply as recommended hire a professional. It’s worth it.

Declutter. This is important. You want and need the buyers to be able to visualize living in your home, you want and need your home to feel spacious to the potential new buyer, if your stuff doesn’t fit, how will theirs? Our ‘stuff’ tends to get in the way and buyers can’t look past it. As home owners we can look past the ‘stuff’ because we’ve become used to it and simply don’t see it anymore, but trust me buyers do.  Almost every client we’ve worked with have actually thanked us for having them declutter,believe it or not, it makes moving easier.

Make the necessary repairs. Like cleaning your home, fixing that leaking faucet, or scraping and painting the peeling paint on your front door shows the buyer that you’ve taken good care of your home and this makes them feel good. You will often hear buyers express enthusiasm and excitement that they won’t have to do anything, they can move right in! We can help you decide which repairs are necessary.

Stage. We only have so many seconds to make a first impression. Staging your home will help you show off your homes potential to buyers. Always remember that the way you live in your home and the way you stage your home are two different things.

Only after you’ve cleaned, decluttered, fixed the necessary repairs and staged will your home will be in the right condition to sell.

Buying a Home

So you’ve decided to buy a home, congratulations! We believe you’ve made the right decision. The key now is finding the right home, and we’re here to help you do just that.  But before we begin we believe that the following information will help keep this process manageable and as stress free as possible.

Secure Financing

This is an important step in the home buying process and needs to be done before you do anything else. With a pre-approval status, you’ll be able to seriously look at homes within your price range and be ready to make a legitimate offer.

Find Your Home

There are a lot of homes out there, we’ll help you more accurately pinpoint homes that fit your criteria. When you find a home you like, call us, we’ll set up a showing and walk you through the home.

Make an Offer

Once a property has been selected, a purchase agreement is written. We present the offer with your pre-approval letter and earnest money check and start negotiations.

Get your Home Inspected

Once you’ve made an offer and the seller has accepted your purchase agreement, it’s common to get a home inspection.  A home inspection is a good way for you to get an understanding of the overall condition of the home.  Most purchase agreements are written to make the purchase agreement’s final acceptance contingent upon the results of a home inspection.


Most lenders require a professional appraisal to determine the value of the property before they will approve a loan.  Since the home you’re financing is collateral for the loan, the lender won’t want to loan you more money than the property is worth.  The lender orders the appraisal shortly after the buyer and seller accept the purchase agreement.  At this time you will be asked to pay for the appraisal.

Final Approval of Loan

After receipt of appraisal and title work, the lender submits the complete file to the Underwriting Department for final approval.  Once they receive final approval, the lender provides the homebuyer with the final figures and upcoming closing final checklist.  The loan “closing package” is created and is sent by courier to the title insurance/closing company.

Final Walk Through

Before you close on your new home it’s common to take a walk through of the property to assure them that the property is in the same condition as when we wrote the purchase agreement. This is generally done 1 to 2 days before closing.


The buyer and seller meet at the buyer’s title insurance/closing company. This is where the deed is transferred, final loan application is signed and checks are disbursed.  You typically take possession of the property, possession can be immediately or 24-48 hours after closing, depending on the terms of the purchase agreement.

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