What We’re Thankful For

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a crazy year, this year has definitely been different. But as we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday I am still so thankful for so many things.

  1. Our home. It’s warm and welcoming and in a community we adore.
  2. Family. My immediate little nest and my extended fam.
  3. Friends. They keep life fun.
  4. Our health. Especially this year.
  5. The food on our table.
  6. The drinks in our hand. Currently enjoying a lovely glass of red.
  7. Willow trees, sunshine and baby ducks. Because they always make me smile.
  8. Old houses. I love the different styles, the details and the stories they have to tell. If you want to learn more about my love for old houses, you should follow Matt Engen Group on Instagram.
  9. Books, opinions, questions and respect. We learn so much from books and each other. I never want to stop learning or growing.
  10. Our clients and a job that we love.