Your role in Selling your Home.

Agree to a Six Month Listing Contract

By committing to a defined and reasonable time frame, you allow us to commit to the efforts and expenses listed in the Marketing Plan.

Market Your Property at a Reasonable Price

Even the best home will languish if not priced competitively.  “Fishing” for a higher price is a strategy that can backfire and result in a seller accepting a lower price than necessary.  With true comparable and honest counseling, we will help you determine a price that is both winning and competitive.

Keep Home Clean and Orderly for Showings

Potential buyers can be immediately turned off by dirty dishes, cluttered rooms or unmade beds.  It is important that the home be made ready for every showing.

Follow Through on Minor Repairs

All appliances, light switches, door handles, etc. should be in working order.  Minor paint touch-ups should be completed.

Be Flexible with Showing Times Between 9am & 8pm

This is crucial.  Perhaps the one mistake made most often by sellers is that they are inflexible about showings.  Many relocation buyers may only have a day or two for their home-finding trip.  Being turned down for a showing may mean no showing at all.

Vacate the Home for All Showings

Buyers expect to view the home without the seller present.  This allows the buyer to visualize themselves living in the home – a feeling not cultivated by the seller’s presence.