Characteristics of a Colonial Home

We live in a classic colonial home in Minneapolis. There are several different versions of a colonials; English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Georgian. Our colonial home was was built in 1938 and the floor plan is one of the many reasons we fell in love. With 2 young kids at the time having the living spaces, the kitchen, dining and living rooms on one floor with the bedrooms up worked perfectly for our family.

Traditionally built the classic colonial home is simple, rectangular and is often 2-3 stories tall. As I mentioned previously most of the living spaces are on the first floor, with the staircase in the center and a dining room and kitchen on one side and the living room with a fireplace on the other. A lot of colonial homes in Minneapolis also have a sun room off to one side. Shutters and some sort of decoration over the front door.

Here are a few of my favorite colonial home examples in Minneapolis. The first one is ours.

An example of a colonial home in Minneapolis.
This is our colonial home in Minneapolis
An example of a colonial home in Minneapolis.
A classic brick colonial and one we sold a few years back.
An example of a colonial home in Minneapolis.
A favorite of mine in the neighborhood.